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Date Title Speaker Passage Player
Apr 23, 2017 Not just another lame sermon Pastor Stacey O'Neill Acts 3 Download Sermon
Apr 16, 2017 The message is still all about JESUS! Pastor Stacey O'Neill Acts 2:22-47 Download Sermon
Apr 14, 2017 Good Friday Service Brad Weidenhammer Various Download Sermon
Apr 09, 2017 Explaining the unexplainable Randy Penner Acts 2:1-21 Download Sermon
Apr 02, 2017 A Living Jesus and a Living Church Pastor Stacey O'Neill Acts 1 Download Sermon
Mar 26, 2017 Remember Pastor Stacey O'Neill Titus 3 Download Sermon
Mar 19, 2017 God's instructions for daily life Pastor Stacey O'Neill Titus 2 Download Sermon
Mar 12, 2017 Real vs Fake Spiritual Growth Pastor Stacey O'Neill Titus 1 Download Sermon
Mar 06, 2017 Equiping The Saints Clarence Janzen Download Sermon
Feb 26, 2017 Living with Confidence Pastor Stacey O'Neill Philippians 3:1-11 Download Sermon
Feb 19, 2017 Who is a God like you? Brad Weidenhammer Micah 7 Download Sermon
Feb 12, 2017 Be Sincere: Sin is Here Evan Suderman Micah 6 Download Sermon
Jan 29, 2017 Jesus is all I need Pastor Stacey O'Neill Micah 5 Download Sermon
Jan 22, 2017 The Day is Approaching Pastor Stacey O'Neill Micah 4 Download Sermon
Jan 15, 2017 Six Essentials for Ruling Justly Randy Penner Micah 3 Download Sermon
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